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Xinda’s production staff regards high quality as its guiding principle. From the quality control technicians to the workshop fabricators, all Xinda employees are devoted to producing only the highest quality equipment. From the product design and the raw materials purchase to the fabrication and assembly, every step goes through meticulous testing and quality inspection.

The company has established an advanced system of total quality assurance for all processes, including materials procurement, product design, technical improvements, manufacture, assembly, shipping, installation, and debugging and after-sale service in order to carry out a strict quality control assurance. Xinda has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification.

The company has set up a network of sale and after-sale service locations in all parts of China and other global locations are being added every year. Our technicians train your staff on-site and we offer a complete service support network for any after-sale service.

In addition, the company can utilize the internet to diagnose long-range issues and to instruct users how to use the products most effectively, efficient technical consulting and service to our valued customers at any time 24/7.

The goal of Xinda is become the global leader in sales and service for Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and China.

High Quality + Durability + Training + Support= Xinda’s Value Proposition to the clients.